Logistics solutions

We provide integrators of logistics planning, consulting, technology, information systems, supply chain management and other value-added services for first, second and third parties.

It breaks through the limitation of purely developing third-party logistics, can truly operate at low cost, realize the largest range of resource integration, and can combine storage service providers and logistics service providers in every field without restrictions to become the best storage logistics Service provision to customers.

Container handling

20-foot and 40-foot container towing and unloading services.

Cargo container export and container import unloading.

Container temporary storage service.

Warehouse management

Storage warehouses include online warehouses, integrated warehouses, dry warehouses, 15-17 ℃ constant temperature warehouses, 0-4 ℃ high temperature warehouses, -18 ℃ low temperature warehouses, etc.

The chain catering industry sets up a receiving center, orders goods according to store orders, and regularly dispatches branches …

Receipt service: The supplier can deliver the goods directly to our warehouse, and we can check the quality, check the amount, check the number of items, and check the number of boxes according to the requirements of the customers.

Receiving orders: WMS handles incoming goods and shipping management, receives customer orders at specified times of the day, downloads and processes a large number of orders, prints barcodes at distribution points, and follows up large orders for group purchases.

Picking and shipping: receiving orders> picking and processing> sorting packaging> goods out of the warehouse, daily scheduled processing to ensure that there is no delay. When the goods leave the warehouse, they immediately upload the order shipping number to the system, the owner and the customer can track it online in real time.

Return to warehouse: The owner can notify the customer to return to the shipping point (ie DCL warehouse) without prior notification to DCL. After receiving the returned item, DCL will notify the owner and store the returned goods in warehouse first. When the number of storage reaches a certain amount, the store owner can arrange the time to go to the warehouse for processing according to his needs, or notify DCL how to deal with it.

We are committed to providing professional and high-quality warehousing services to customers, allowing customers to log in to the WMS warehousing management system through the Internet at any time, and view or download move in, move out and stock Balance data at any time.

The warehouse scope is equipped with 24-hour video equipment (CCTV) and 24-hour security personnel are on duty. Regularly clean corridors, unloading stations, pest control in the whole warehouse, and provide hygienic and clean storage environment to customers.

Local delivery

We have our own transportation fleet with delivery vehicles of different tonnage, including 5.5-ton, 9-ton, 11-ton, and 16-ton trucks. Each delivery truck is equipped with hydraulic lifting plates to provide 24-hour delivery service every day Cover all areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and airports, and deliver customer’s goods to their destinations on time.

Delivery vehicle device GPS satellite tracking system, real-time temperature monitoring equipment, regular cleaning of the outside and inside of the truck, and regular vehicle extermination treatment.

A compartment door is set in the local delivery truck bucket, which can store two different temperature goods, which can effectively reduce the number of store receipts. Now serving customers include global meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable importers, international brand producers, chain restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, food processing plants and so on.

Cargo Clearance

For container or bulk cargo, choose sea, air and land transportation to and from Hong Kong.

Provide import and export document processing, declaration and customs clearance, product classification consultation, landed cost calculation, container freight service.

Regardless of import or export, it can help enterprises understand the problems involved in customs in various places in detail, and minimize and avoid time delays caused by customs declaration and customs clearance issues.

Other value-added services

According to customer requirements to provide processing services, printed labels, date stickers …

Commodity classification packaging, material packaging, repacking, multiple goods combined packaging …

Valet collection, recovery and return, liquid solids and futures processing …